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for highway and road safety products

CAV Technologies was founded by Melvin Hayes in 2009.

Mr. Hayes, a Technologist, with over 30 years of professional experience, holds the B.S. and M.S. degrees in Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technology. Mr. Hayes is also a member of the IEEE organization. CAV Tech is a fully insured, limited liability company registered in North Carolina, USA

Our Mission

To shepherd timely innovations in highway transportation products and technology.

Our Vision

To promote Quality and Innovative Transportation products and services.

Online Product Offerings

Highway safety vests
Highway safety vests
Safety helmets
Safety helmets
Safety goggles
Safety goggles
Roadway safety reflectors
Roadway safety reflectors
Roadway safety barrels
Roadway safety barrels
Work gloves
Work gloves

Our Achievements

CAV Technologies has been a trusted source for highway and road safety products for over a decade and has grown due to excellent relationships with our clients.

93 %
Happy Clients
97 %
Successful Projects
91 %
Constantly Customers

What Our Customers Said about us

“ Wow! What a team! They make everything flow smoothly. The service that you receive makes the whole process stress free.”

Agata Attano
CTO, Jotwork

“They keep you informed throughout and make sure that you get the loan to suit your individual needs. Don't waste your time going anywhere else.”

Jim Parkson
CEO, Viber

“I have been lucky enough to work with Famulus and their team recently organizing an amazing experience for their clients. Thank you for caring so much”

Ann Bartlett
Chef Manager, LLS

“We have found Famulus to be professional in their approach in finding solutions to not only protect their investor’s funds but also to ensure the project.”

Bert Freight
Co-Founder, Herms and Clarks

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